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Soon to be, a new Mexican Restaurant, Bar & Grill! Kultura Restaurant in Toronto is soon changing into something new . Featuring the best Mexican Cuisine in Toronto. A 3 Floor very fashionable King St. East Hot-spot. Seating up to 200 in four different rooms, The menu is Mexican with a twist. Mexico / Mexican is the hottest cuisine in the world currently. Beautiful to behold, this Restaurant bills itself as a spot for "social dining" with tapas or indiviual plates of exceptional food that take diners on an endlessly inventive and inspired tour of Mexico and more.




Soon a Mexican Restaurant & Tequila Bar will Open!

We hope to see you soon!


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Kultura,  a Casual, fine dining Mexican & Spanishrestaurant in Toronto- 169 King Street East. Toronto   Tel: 416.363.9000. 
The finest Mexican & Spanish Tapas Toronto has to offer. A  Restaurant like no other.
Kultura Restaurant in Toronto - Best in Toronto Restaurants King St. East,  Global Tapas - Italian to Asian-fusion dishes, seafood, Steaks, desserts